Japan Expo 17th Impact

Japan Expo 17th Impact

Japan Expo 2016, four days early. Pokémon master classes and lectures Hiro Mashima is the great strength of this release. Two events that ultimately the success expected and more. The popular success, I would say! (There is also the finals of the European Coplay event, which was a great success The stage was filled with Ichigo in full; .. I have never seen so many people in the ECG ) and liked the presentation of the game Wings of Freedom AOT ( attack on Titan ) , which includes demolition charge users to play Yui Ishikawa ... ( seiyuu Mikasa ) game looks easy to play , but at the same time there is a chance to immerse yourself in this hellish world and the Titanic . RDV August 26 ! Finally, speaking of great advantage to showcase a man with a mission, which was perfect, almost.

There is no doubt in my group not to be missed this year. The second group was very good on the stage, the shameless parade. If Thursday I often prefer to take a supply of girls, her show on Sunday has changed the trend. The exhibition under the sign of emotion. Touching! It’s a big surprise for me ( I believe that a large group of idols passing can do between Passpo Dempa and Momoiro Clover Z ... ) Anyway, I noticed welcomed Rise plays a French metal band North star, was flawless and relentless. Great power, great sound, and the audience are waiting to give your heart! \ M / Noob laugh at the conference (if someone noticed the number Artheon ...), let alone Chez Marcus, where he finally spirit Marcus failed to pull off the event. ) Great strong preference for psycho just what showcase on Saturday. Thursday introductory video is too longuette, the window is too short and not strong for my taste.

Fortunately Saturday group prefers to send his music, which is the highest price. Less problems with the sound, too. Not to mention the crowds present this year, but it seems to be lower than last year. I spend a lot easier to support you would imagine. Except by the Tai you / music, but these stores are sold. As for the waiting time waiting for landing the convention, I found minimal. On this side, well managed! Nor would officials responsible for checking the contents of the bag really ... two days out of four, who were without a trace improperly. This is not the first time. = / I would also add that lasts Misaki Iwasa and Hayabusa returned to France. Since it can be seen that the show gave Wabi Sabi - I was particularly won his good mood and enthusiasm oh so good! Pi is the audience was so sensitive that gives you ready!
The first of MVP Records seemed to be a great success! Few CD certainly, but at 15 € opus...!  Pi even if he had to speak in English to discuss with them, and many of them stand guys was just super affordable and super friendly! And pi to finish, it was the first time I attended the J-Top in is also well placed. All before, just left. So much so that it seems that we must take on with his musical preferences....

Too bad the French Touch conference has finished late and the J-Top had to be some Rushe little. I certainly wrong, but I got the impression that it was forced to reduce interactions with the participants on stage and even with the public. Very happy to have met some people especially Fofo, and having seen others that I already knew. Without missing relatives. * O * Short. Japan Expo 2016, personally, I agree.

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See NEO Ballad, a duo combining folk songs and techno-rock music!


Composed of artists with very one-of-a-kind musical effects, NEO Ballad takes you to the heart of people songs of a brand new kind. Pushed by way of the effective voice of Sachi WAKASA and virtual percussion devices from Senju Kannon (real name Wataru KAMIRYO), securities NEO Ballad immerses you in an ecosystem combining traditional folk’s song and techno-rock.

Caregiver each their compositions and their performances, the duo takes each performance Japanese traditional costumes. They happened to discover real JAPAN in Taipei as representatives of Japanese tune and purchased the number one area within the 2015 edition of worldwide Rock star .

Come see the ones particular songs and forward-wondering on Sakura electrifying degree at a display!

NeoBallad performed through Japan Expo 2016 in Paris.

7.7(jeudi)15:30-16:15 SAKURA Stade (2000 people)
7.8(vendredi)17:15-18:00 ART Stade (400 people)
7.9(samedi)13:15-14:00 ART Stade (400 people)
7.10(dimanche)11:00-11:45 SAKURA Stade (2000 people)

NeoBallad Website

NeoBallad Profile

Click Here For Useful links

YouTube Aizu Bandai-san

Live performance video

iTunes France

WABI SABI follow on  www.facebook.com/wabisabi.japon
More information NEO Ballad: 
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Ask for help

3. Ask for help

"At a positive point in my enterprise, I couldn't develop any similarly till I hired a few key human beings," writes Daniel best friend, who became a millionaire in less than five years at 24.

He continued: asking for help wasn't my forte, but I had to make it appear. within months I had a attorney, editor, personal instructor, element-time chef, and different employees.

It value me a fortune at the start, however ultimately helped push me into the million-dollar mark. most people won't ask for assist because their ego is in the manner.

asking for help extends beyond hiring key people. As self-made millionaire Steve Siebold explains in his ebook "How rich human beings suppose," the rich aren't afraid to fund their destiny from different people's pockets.

"global elegance believes in the use of different human beings's cash," he writes. "wealthy people understand not being solvent enough to in my opinion come up with the money for something isn't relevant. The real query is, 'is this really worth buying, making an investment in, or pursuing?'"
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Shocking Video: Watch How I Became Rich By Just Being Online

Watch Video Below

Watch Video Below

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Save to invest, don't save to save

2. Save to invest, don't save to save.

The only cause to save money is to invest it. positioned your saved money into secured, sacred (untouchable) bills. never use those bills for whatever, no longer even an emergency. this could force you to maintain to follow the first step (increase income).

 To at the present time, at the least two times a yr, i am broke because I constantly invest my surpluses into ventures I cannot access.

making an investment isn't always as complex or daunting as we make it out to be. The most effective start line is to contribute for your 401(okay) if your organization gives one, and take complete gain of your agency's 401(k) fit software — which is essentially unfastened cash — if it has one.

subsequent, bear in mind contributing cash towards a Roth IRA or traditional IRA, man or woman retirement bills with distinctive contribution limits and tax structures — which one you could use relies upon to your income. in case you nonetheless have cash left over, you may studies low-cost index finances, which Warren Buffett recommends, and look at the web-funding systems called "robo-advisers."

the key to constantly placing aside cash is to make it automatic. That manner, you may in no way even see the money you are contributing and you will learn to stay with out it.

Check out for the next update tomorrow.
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Be decisive

4. Be decisive

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1. Focus on earning

1. Focus on earning

"In present day fiscal environment you cannot keep your choice to millionaire repute," writes give Cardone, who went from broke and in debt at 21 to self-made millionaire via 30. "the 1st step is to focal point on developing your income in increments and repeating that.

"My revenue used to be $3,000 a month and nine years later it was once $20,000 a month.  Following the cash, and it'll drive you to control income and spot possibilities."

earning more money is usually less difficult recounted than applied, but most humans have choices. Gain knowledge of about 50 systems to deliver in extra earnings, some excessive-paying jobs you can do on the part, how one can earn passive income, and ways to begin a part-hustle from a lady who earned as so much as $4,000 a month on the phase.
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